Your Questions Answered

What are you doing to reduce the amount of sodium in your cereals?

Kellogg has been taking action for some time now, working to reduce the amount of sodium in our existing cereals, and to launch new cereal and snack innovations that contain less sodium. As part of our Global Breakfast Food Beliefs, we have committed that by 2020 over 85 per cent of our cereals will have 150mg of Sodium or less per 30g serving, or equivalent. In Canada, specifically, we’re currently at 67 per cent and are continuing to make great progress. That said, it’s important to note that breakfast cereals specifically, contribute only a very small amount to the total sodium consumed in peoples’ diets. In fact, only 3 per cent of the sodium consumed by Canadians comes from cereal. Nevertheless, at Kellogg we’re constantly working to improve the nutritional profile of our foods – and that includes reducing sodium – but without ever compromising the quality or taste that consumers know, love and expect of our Kellogg foods.