Nourishing with our foods
to create Better Days for
3 billion people

Using our 100+ years of expertise to deliver physical,
emotional and societal wellbeing through our foods

Our world faces a significant crisis − more than 820 million people1 will confront a future of food insecurity brought on by our growing population, malnutrition and climate vulnerability. Through our plant-based foods, Kellogg has been actively engaged in these issues for more than a century.


Our company’s founder was an original wellbeing visionary. W.K. Kellogg understood the importance of nutrition and benefits of a plant-based diet, including fibre-rich grains. Good nutrition and simple grains have been at the heart of Kellogg from our earliest days. More than a century later, this legacy continues to inspire us to deliver nutrition through our plant-based foods, to help feed people in need, and to protect the special places where our ingredients are grown.


Today, we recognize the important role our foods play in positively impacting wellbeing across the physical, emotional and societal needs of people, communities and the planet.


Through our ambitious Kellogg’s* Better Days commitment to create Better Days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030, Kellogg intends to nourish 1 billion people by fostering wellbeing with our foods.


To support physical wellbeing, we’re crafting foods that include nutrients of need, address hidden hunger or malnutrition, and we are learning more about foods that can support a healthy gut microbiome. Our foods delight the senses and bring people together to create positive emotional wellbeing. Plus, we’re delivering societal wellbeing by supporting biodiversity and a more sustainable food supply by promoting a diverse, plant-based diet and intentionally increasing the ingredient diversity profile of our foods.


Details of how we’re Nourishing with our Foods and progressing towards our commitments are included on Kellogg Company’s Corporate Responsibility website. To learn more, click here.


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Kellogg’s* Better Days Commitment - Nourish

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