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Grains on the Go

We all want to be at our best every day. To be better prepared for life’s possibilities.

Smart snacking can play an important role as part of a healthy diet.

A smart snack is nutrient-rich, portion-controlled and built right into your eating plan — not an extra, unplanned treat.

By snacking smart we can help to fill the nutrition gaps in our day with the wholesome goodness of fruit, milk products or high-fibre grains.

Smart snacking can also help fuel the day. It may enhance memory and attention and help prevent a drop in blood glucose (blood sugar), which could leave us feeling "low"1

And for kids, snacks are a smart way to keep them growing strong. They help little ones with small appetites get energy and nutrients they need to thrive. Plus with older kids, snacks give them the fuel to help them take on after-school activities, like sports practice, music lessons and even homework.

Smart Snacking

When making snacking selections, it’s best to look for options that maximize nutrition and build on one or more food groups like high-fibre grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat or fat-free milk products, even nuts or seeds.

Next, look at the Nutrition Facts table on food and beverage packages to determine serving size and the number of calories per serving, as a serving of your favourite snack might be smaller than you think. Also, by buying single-serve snack packs or by packaging your own snacks into small re-sealable bags, you can better control portions.

Then make the snacks visible and available. By showcasing snacking options such as Kellogg's* Special K* Fruit Crisps or a favourite Kellogg’s* cereal in the kitchen cupboard, cut up fruits and vegetables in the fridge, and by placing portable snacks like Kellogg's* Nutri-Grain* cereal bars or a Vector* Energy Bar in the car or a kid’s backpack, you’re readily prepared with a variety of wholesome snack choices that everyone in the family will enjoy.


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