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From Seed to Spoon

Seed Spoon

At Kellogg’s* our philosophy is simple: Simple ingredients, simply prepared. By giving you our best, you can be at your best.

So we start with the goodness of a single grain — Nebraska corn, Louisiana rice, Canadian wheat — and work closely with local farmers and suppliers to understand the ways in which they work. And how we can help them, and they can help us, be even better.

With those simple grains, we create a variety of Kellogg’s cereals, including some, like Kellogg’s* Corn Flakes* and Kellogg’s* All Bran*, that are made with a handful of ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Then we prepare our cereals in a method similar to what you do in your own kitchen — just on a larger scale.

That way from seed to spoon, field to family, you get our best in every bite.