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Cereal & Milk

In addition to being a convenient, nutritious and tasty start to each morning, cereal provides an excellent way for families to enjoy milk and all of its benefits.

Kellogg’s* cereal with milk is an important source of protein, plus four important nutrients—fibre, calcium, vitamin D, and B vitamins—that people need every day. And it is an excellent way to help meet the daily food group servings recommended by Canada's Food Guide.

Plus by starting the day with a nutritious breakfast, adults and kids tend to make healthier food choices throughout the day and are more physically active then those who miss the meal.1,2 And research even suggests that eating breakfast may help kids do better in school by improving memory, test grades, school attendance and mood.1

So with Kellogg’s* cereal together with a glass of milk and piece of fruit, you have a wholesome and delicious way to enjoy breakfast and a powerful way to start the day.

A serving of cereal plus 1 cup of milk

The classic duo of Kellogg’s* cereal and milk† will get you rockin’ in the morning. Click here to learn more.


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