We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But did you know that cereal ranks as one of the best choices for breakfast?

Made with wholesome grains, Kellogg’s cereals help your family start the morning with energy by delivering a number of vital, take-on-the-day nutrients — nutrients that many of us, especially children, otherwise might miss.1,2,3

And cereal with milk is an important source of nutrients in children’s diets — bringing essential vitamins such as A, B6, B12 and D to your breakfast table each morning.

Many of our Kellogg’s cereals also contain fibre and whole grains that are important for your family’s overall health and well-being.

Plus, cereal is also lower in sodium and sugar than many popular breakfast options.4 In fact in the US, sugar in cereals — including kids cereals — contributes less than 5 percent of daily sugar intake among children, yet it adds taste, texture and enjoyment that help the consumption of important nutrients.5

So with a typically low-fat, nutrient-rich serving of delicious Kellogg’s cereal, you can provide your family with a nutritious and happy start to the day. .


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