As a global food industry leader, we’re constantly looking for new ways to nourish and delight our consumers. From breakfast foods to snacks to frozen meals, our products appeal to a broad variety of tastes and nutrition needs.

Part of our approach to product development is a focus on improving the nutritional value of our foods. Whether we are increasing nutrients and ingredients that consumers want more of and need (such as Vitamin D, fibre and whole grain) or reducing those they want less of (such as sodium and sugars), we hold fast to one key objective: offering great-tasting foods that people love while making, marketing and selling them safely and responsibly. We are also committed to informing consumers about nutrition so they can make informed choices about their food purchases.

  • Removing Artificial Colours/Flavours Our goal to remove artificial colours and flavours from our Kellogg’s® branded cereals, a variety of Kellogg’s® branded snack bars, and Eggo® frozen foods by the end of 2018. Already in Canada, 78 per cent of our cereals are made without artificial colours, and 63 per cent are made without artificial flavours.
  • Education & Research Our nutrition heritage is reflected in the work of our professionals, including registered dietitians, regulatory and labelling experts, and food and nutrition scientists.
  • The Power of Breakfast At Kellogg, we believe in the power of breakfast. Building on the heritage of our founder, we also believe that a grain-based breakfast can provide a superior start to one’s day.
  • Packaging & LabellingWe believe nutrition literacy is crucial in helping consumers make informed food choices. Through on-pack labelling and website content, we provide comprehensive nutrition and ingredient information for our foods.