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Enjoy Breakfast at its Best

What if there was a food that could turn good into great?

There is. It's cereal.

Cereal is more than just a convenient option for you and your family. When you enjoy a bowl of cereal as part of a nutritious breakfast, you start the day with energy, consume essential vitamins and minerals you might otherwise miss, and enjoy a tasty meal made up of simple grains and milk.

Plus with cereal, you can also feel confident that your family is getting the fibre they need to make each day great. And all for less than 50 cents per bowl. 1

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The Best Start
to the Day

You've heard it before, and it's true! Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. That's because as we "break the fast" of eight to 12 hours without eating, our bodies and brains need to refuel.

With a nutritious breakfast, of which cereal can play an important part, you not only kick-start your metabolism, but you're also set up to enjoy a more successful day. In fact, more than a quarter-century of research supports a positive link between breakfast and mental alertness and physical performance. 1, 2

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Fibre & Whole Grains

We hear a lot about the health benefits of whole grains, but it's important to pick whole-grain foods that are also at least a source of fibre.

That's because studies show that many health benefits of eating whole-grain foods come from the fibre content. 1 Which is important because when it comes to overall wellness, maintaining good digestive health is just as significant as maintaining a healthy heart or strong bones. And that's why eating a diet high in fibre is important to promoting digestive health.

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Cereal: Affordable, Convenient, Nutritious

Mornings can be hectic. You try to provide your kids with the best start to their day, but in reality, just getting them to eat can be a challenge.

By offering a variety of delicious Kellogg’s cereals, you have a fun and easy way to help give kids the nutrition they need, without putting a strain on your budget. In fact, at about 50 cents a serving for cereal and milk, cereal ranks as one of the best choices available as part of a nutritious breakfast. 1

Better still, cereal keeps things simple. It’s quick to prepare. And the taste, nutrition and simplicity of Kellogg’s* cereals is the reason they are a mainstay in nearly 77 percent of Canadian homes. 2

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A Nutritious Way To Greet the Morning

When you begin with cereal at breakfast, you begin the day well. That's because with cereal you get a typically low-fat, nutrient-dense food that contains many essential vitamins and minerals. And no matter your age, cereal delivers important nutrition for people of all life stages. Plus, cereal is a great way to add much-needed fibre to the diet — something that Canadians only get half the recommended adequate intake levels of each day. 1

With cereal as part of your nutritious breakfast, you get a delicious, nutritious way to start your morning and great way to help you make the most of each day.

More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

Start Each Morning Well
Start Each Morning

When you start with a great breakfast, great things can happen. See how a morning spent with cereal can prepare you for the day to come.

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Cereals Made With Your Family in Mind

We start with simple grains, like corn, wheat, and rice, then add in a handful of quality ingredients to make the cereals your family knows and loves.

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More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

Great Begins With Breakfast
Great Begins

When you greet each morning with a nutritious breakfast, you help get the nutrients and energy you need to make the day great.

Discover more about the benefits of breakfast.

The Benefits of Cereal

Ready-to-eat cereal is a preferred breakfast in many countries. In fact, in Canada, more than half (or 54%) of Canadians start their day with a cereal breakfast. 3

See why

More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

Get the Whole-Grain Truth
Get the Whole-Grain

Did you know what whole grains vary in their dietary fibre content? That's why it's important to pick whole-grain foods that provide at least a source of fibre.

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Flip For Fibre

A great day starts with making informed choices. By understanding how to read a nutrition label, you can make sure that you're getting the fibre you need from your cereal.

More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

The Goodness of Grains
Goodness of Grains

With important vitamins and minerals, grains help to supply the body and mind with the fuel needed to take on the day. Learn more about how good grains can be.

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A Smart Choice for Busy Families

Did you know cereal:

  • Can be prepared in an instant
  • Is easy – almost anyone can “make” a bowl of cereal and milk
  • Makes a tasty snack
  • Has a long shelf life

More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

Cereal & Milk - The Perfect Pair
Cereal & Milk

Cereal helps incorporate milk into a child's daily routine. And together they are important source of essential vitamins and minerals in children's diets. 2

A Nutritious Beginning

Cereal's role in a nutritious breakfast goes beyond the nutrients in the cereal itself. A serving of cereal serves as an excellent centrepiece for a nutritious breakfast that includes fruit and milk.