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Buy a box,
help give a
child breakfast.

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We believe in doing our part to help feed better days and brighter tomorrows. And, this year, we’re committed to donating more than ever before to feed children and families across Canada.

1 in 7 Canadian children
go to school hungry

One in 7 kids


Ten Million


servings of cereal have been donated in Canada so far.


Buy a box help give a child breakfast

Kids high-fiving

We’re all in this together.

Which is why we are fortunate to have such great partners.

Food Banks Canada logo

Food Banks Canada supports a unique network of over 3,000 food-related organizations in every province and territory that assists close to 850,000 Canadians each month seeking food assistance. Together our network shares over 200 million pounds of essential safe quality food annually, provides social programs that help to foster self-sufficiency, and advocates for policy change that will help create a Canada where no one goes hungry.

Breakfast Club Canada logo

The Club believes that all children should be able to pursue projects and nourish their dreams. This is why we guarantee Canadian children and youth a healthy breakfast in a friendly atmosphere every school day.

All children deserve an equal chance to succeed in school and life by starting their day with a nutritious breakfast.

— Breakfast Club of Canada

For every box of cereal sold, Kellogg will donate a portion of the proceeds (up to a maximum of $100,000) to our breakfast partners across Canada."Test"

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