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Fighting Hunger,
Feeding Potential

Fighting Hunger,
Feeding Potential

The Landscape

In 2015, 1.7 million
Canadians turned to food
banks every month1
more than
were children1
14.6 million
visit in 2015

The Effects on Children

1 in 5 Canadian children are
at risk of going to school
on an empty stomach2.

According to their teachers, when they
come to school hungry, children are3:

more likely to engage in bullying than their peers
more easily frustrated
frequently disruptive

Teachers report that students
who came to school hungry lose


minutes of learning
each day3.

The Helping Hand

Since Breakfasts for Better Days launched in 2013, Kellogg has helped
provide more than 1.9 billion servings of food to people in need, exceeding
our original milestone to provide 1 billion servings by the end of 2016.

Today, Kellogg will continue to fight hunger and feed potential with our new
commitment to create 3 billion Better Days for people around the world by 2025.

We’ve helped feed over

in 1,455 Canadian
breakfast clubs.

Kellogg Canada
has donated more than

$3 million

to Food Banks Canada &
Breakfast Club of Canada to-date.


of teachers believe their breakfast
clubs have a positive impact on
students’ ability to learn3.